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Lovesera® Donut Bath Bomb Set

Lovesera® Donut Bath Bomb Set

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Nothing says relaxation like a soothing bath. Our Donut Bath Bomb Set is the perfect companion for your next at-home spa experience. Each generous set comes with four pieces to make the experience even more luxurious and enjoyable. It starts with intriguing donut-shaped effervescent bubble shower balls. They are infused with nourishing materials to help maintain skin moisture for a soft, smooth finish. The colors may vary but they all offer delightful sensory experiences that help clear your mind and relieve any tension or stress from your day. Allow these bath salts to drift away those cares and prepare you for a blissful aromatherapy session. Good ingredients like sweet almond oil, Shea butter, and cocoa butter work together for an indulgent bathing ritual you won't soon forget. And when you're done? Get ready to revel in softer, healthier skin that looks just as refreshed as you feel!

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